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Trims of the 2015 Prius for Sale in Tacoma


Trims of the 2015 Prius for Sale in Tacoma

Going green is a huge trend that people are into these days, and why not, you can save money while you do your part in saving the environment. Toyota's Prius has been around for 14 years now and is one of the most respected hybrid vehicles on the market today.

They have more than enough power to get you where you want to go while still getting great gas mileage. If you are thinking about going green or just continuing your green efforts, the Toyota Larson would like you to come in and check out all of their Trims of the 2015 Prius for Sale in Tacoma. They have five different models to choose from: the Two, Three, Four, Five and the Persona Series.

2015 Prius Experience

All of the Trims of the 2015 Prius for Sale in Tacoma offer you plenty of gas saving technology. The Prius has spent many hours in the wind tunnel to help drop down on wind resistance while still keeping their iconic look. The effect of the wind tunnel gives the hybrid a Coefficient of Drag (Cd) of. 25. That is lower than any other vehicle on the market. It also allows the Prius to handle better and get better gas mileage. Altogether the gas mileage ratting is at an amazing EPA-estimated 51 city/48 high and 50 combined.

Other perks of the Prius is being able to let the Prius start out on the electric motor along. When you start off, the electric motor will start you off slowly to help save on gas. As you speed up it will either take you in to hybrid mode or gas-powered mode automatically. The Prius also uses something called Regenerative Braking. This is simply a process of taking energy that you created while braking and storing that energy back into the battery.

Modular Trims of the 2015 Prius for Sale in Tacoma

It is nice to have options on how you want to drive when you are driving. Outside of the normal mode all Trims of the 2015 Prius for Sale in Tacoma offer you three different driving modes to choose from: the EV, ECO and the Power mode. EV mode simply means you are telling the Prius you only want to use the battery for driving. ECO mode adjust throttle and climate control so that when you are using the hybrid system you are maximizing your gas mileage. And the power mode is put in place to let you decide when you want to be a little more adventurous. The mode will adjust for things like better throttle responsive and stronger shift points for a more powerful drive.

To see if going green is something that can fit into your future, come into see us at Larson and let us explain what our Trims of the 2015 Prius for Sale in Tacoma can do for you. You can contact our sales department to set up an appointment – (253) 671-6505.

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